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Green Campus Open – GCO

Green Campus Open (GCO) promotes the commercialisation of research at LUT University. The unit’s activity centres on the development of collaboration between researchers and business enterprises.

GCO operates across the boundaries of schools and organisations and promotes the utilisation of LUT University’s scientific research by society. GCO also administers LUT University’s IPR patents and their commercialisation.

A key part of GCO’s activity is organising and developing the Research to Business funding application process in the LUT Group. GCO cooperates with capital investors and experts at Business Finland to enable Research to Business project teams to turn their scientific research results into commercial business activity.

An example of a startup based on LUT research is Sonotecc, founded in the summer of 2018. The starting point for the company was LUT’s longstanding research on ultrasound assisted crystallisation. Sonotecc offers a novel crystallisation method for various fields of the process industry. The commercialisation of LUT research may result in a startup or the licencing of the resulting IPR to an existing company.

Sonotecc was founded by LUT’s business graduate Riku Kavén and chemical technology researcher Nnaemeka Ezeanowi. GCO was involved in the final stages of the project, sparring the entrepreneurs and creating contacts with investors.

GCO’s business accelerator activities have received development funding from the European Regional Development Fund (Green Campus Open Etelä-Karjala, A73971).

Green Campus Open team:

Lauri Haiko
+358 40 529 3925‬

Jari Varis
Innovation Specialist
+358 50 464 5312‬

Tero Lehikoinen
IPR and Innovation Specialist
+358 40 149 8798‬