Valikko Sulje

Green Campus Innovations Oy is a cleantech seed investor

We are focused on Start-up growth companies and Corporate Spin-offs utilizing LUT research


Our shareholders are LUT UniversitySaimaa University of Applied SciencesLUT Research Foundation and Vitako Association.

Our business ecosystem includes

  • LUT research and education units
  • LUT business accelerator “Green Campus Open”
  • LUT entrepreneurship society LUTES
  • Open Innovation Platform Nordic Innovation Accelerator


We make pre-seed and seed equity investments from our own balance sheet.

Our pre-seed investments are typically in the range of 30-50.000 € They are intended to help the establishment of entrepreneurial new businesses and to finalise their business plans.

Our seed investments are intended to fund the launch of the new businesses with professional teams and high quality business plans.

Typically our seed investment is in the range of 150-300.000 €, and we invest together with business angels and “friends and family” investors